The most important feeling we got back in 2005 was that young women, children were the most  neglected lot with very little care. Most children dropped out of school before completing high school.  Almost all children, from the social strata defined as lower caste, failed in all aspects of curriculum based  learning levels. Generally, children nutrition level was abysmal and illness was recurrent. Due to their  poor educational back ground and with little employable skills, any ended up working as unskilled labour  force.

Payir’s Intervention

We took a multi-pronged strategy.

  • Implementation of ABL methodology at the local primary schools with Payir staff
  • In every nearby govt. primary and middle school, we placed 1 or more educated youth trained on ABL methodology, to ensure children at school do always have a teacher at school. We provided breakfast to improve children retention and increase their nutrition levels.
  • Broadened learning through alternate experiences like school trips, sport events
  • Exposed children to new experiences like taking them on excursion trips, extra-curricular workshops, arranging cultural and sports events and providing career guidance support.
  • Introduced e-learning at the Payir school
  • Payir aslo brought in some out of the box solution like E-learning and canvassing for village level library and book fair
  • Implemented a “slow learner” program to ensure students don’t fall behind
  • Early childhood intervention through Anganwadi programs
  • Early childhood intervention and education was provided through the anganwadis. Health workers assisted teachers with School health education to develop children as neighborhood health ambassadors.


Residential Learning Center

At Payir, we constantly come across children who fall...

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RSTC after 1 year

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  • Dropout rates in schools that partner with Payir is close to zero
  • 60% of “slow learners” in public schools are now at normal learning levels
  • Over 50% increase in average test scores in public schools that work with Payir
  • Over 90% of students successfully complete grade 10 tests (a passing grade)
  • Reach extends to 25 schools