Your Time

Your Time is valuable to us…

You can help spread the word about Payir and the work we do with all your friends and family. You can refer them to our website, introduce them to our blog and also if they are interested ask them to enroll with our mailing list, so they can get updates from Payir.

  1. You can also help us by spreading the word about Payir to your colleagues at work:
    • Many companies offer a variety of social welfare projects. You can refer Payir to those projects
    • The bulletin boards at work are a great tools to spread the news about Payir. You can request brochures from us, which you can post on your bulletin boards.
    • You can fwd information about Payir to your internal mailing lists at work, and other groups you are a member of
    • You can check with your company if they offer ‘matching grants’ for contributions. If so, you can help us by allowing access to those matching grants
  2. Visit Payir @ Thenur village when possible, just for a day or a few hours. A personal visit will truly enhance your visibility to the work we do, and will also encourage the people in Thenur a lot. There is something we can learn from every visitor.
  3. You can have your friends and relatives make a donation to Payir in your name for any important events in your life like kid’s birthdays, birthday milestones (30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, … birthdays), marriage, marriage anniversaries, or any other event. Donations in all amounts are welcome, and donations made in India are tax exempt.
  4. We need help with training.  If you have a special skill or area of expertise, spend time with us in Thenur and teach us.  For example, if you are skilled in a form of dance, you can teach children at the Payir school.  If you are an expert in Finance, help our people learn about saving and good financial practices.

Please click here for a list of volunteering activities available at Payir

We welcome Volunteers and Interns. If you would like to Volunteer or Intern with us, please tell us about yourself      Click here to Contact Us

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