Health and Sanitation


Thenur and surrounding villages had poor access to primary healthcare, most women avoided seeking medical care until the ailment became life threating, specifically early diagnosis was alien. Most children illness was treated through faith and superstition based healing practiced by quacks. Pharmacists faked as ‘medical practitioners’. There was very little awareness on clinically treating secondary and tertiary ailments. For most families whose family income was already low, annual expenditure on health was equal or more than 25% of their annual family income.

Payir’s Intervention

  • Payir trained local, educated youth as health animators to detect illnesses early, assist in primary care and facilitate access to appropriate care.
  • Payir trained local school educated youth as community health animators on early identification of disease, assist in primary care, facilitate sick people to access and avail rational medical care, provide awareness to the adults and children with knowledge of their body, cause, effect, solution and prevention of health issues.
  • Payir setup a primary health center with basic diagnostic facilities. Payir setup a primary health care center with basic diagnostic facilities to provide cost effective curative care. Health care was also focused on children, mothers and elderly people and providing sustained follow-up care.
  • Built a strong referral network and mechanism for follow-up care.
  • Conduct health awareness programs for adults and children periodically.
  • Special medical camps to screen secondary and tertiary ailments.


Community Outreach

After many years of routine life, where a woman reaches puberty, gets married after a few years, faces male chauvinistic husband and his family, works for the family, begets children and brings them up, she gets to learn about her body for the first time for her surprise…....

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Community Health Center

                       The health center at Payir functions as a...

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Healthy Babies

Our health workers monitor the weight of 1 to...

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  • 25,000 people in 6 villages have access to Payir’s network and facilities
  • 90% of population seek timely, rational healthcare
  • Greater awareness and proactive reporting of health issues by children
  • Several interventions of life-saving nature