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Cisco India celebrates Diwali with Nutritious Laddus from Payir

Cisco India in Bangalore came forward to support Payir by ordering our ‘Thinai’s Laddu’ Diwali Celebration pack of sweets, as Diwali gift for their employees. These laddus are: Made out of naturally grown, selectively picked ingredients  – Millets, Sesame, Peanuts, Jaggery, Dried Fruits Our traditional sweets which our ancestors relished and passed on to us Healthy and nutritious –...

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Payir wins “Best NGO” award at Juniper Networks

        Juniper Networks, a US based company with a branch office in Bangalore, conducts a 10K run every year for its employees, which also includes carnival style fun rides and games for the entire family. As part of the 10K run registration, Juniper’s employees also contribute a certain amount towards NGOs working for social causes. Juniper matches this contribution...

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Payir Campus Powered by Solar Electricity

At Payir, while we were connected to the public electric grid supply, we constantly faced power failure and extreme power fluctuations ranging from 130V to 270V. Many of our...

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What we do

Payir is a grassroot level organization in India that helps empower rural communities through holistic development activities. Payir has initiated several programs that address key challenges in order to empower villages in Perambalur

In 11 years, Payir has

  • improved nutrition
    levels of
  • provided better
    health care to
    village people
  • facilitated strengthening public infrastructure
    to the tune of
    Crores rupees
  • boot strapped
    rural enterprises