One of the community level issues that presented starkly was almost all public system was dysfunctional and the community had no voice whatsoever to make a change. Teacher vacancy and absenteeism was rampant in Govt. schools, Village health nurse could be only seen during polio vaccination, public utility electrification was not available in many areas, roads were not motorable, public sanitation was sickening to say the least.

Blatant exploitation by a few power brokers of the majority ignorant population meant everything related to their citizen rights and social welfare handouts were exploited.

Illicit arrack was prevalent and a thriving business having a cascading and damaging effect on the socio-economic and cultural fabric of the community.

Payir’s Intervention

We created awareness among the public especially the youth about citizen rights and approaching the right government institutions for redressal. Working with the District administration, Payir brought focus to these peripheral villages by engaging District level officers to visit for various developmental activities.


  • Better public system in place – all villages in the district (not just villages covered by Payir) have good roads, street lights, bus service, water distribution
  • More than Rs. 11 crores of Government schemes have been unlocked for public services (school infrastructure, community halls, public health)
  • Enlisted all physically challenged people in the district with the department
  • Illicit arrack completely abolished, though alcoholism still prevails