Health Funding Needs

Support a Health Animator

We currently have 2 Senior Health Animators and 4 Middle level Health Animators covering 6 villages. Each Health Animator covers close to 1500 people. These Health Animators are trained to detect illnesses early, assist in primary care and facilitate access to appropriate care. They also conduct health awareness programs for adults and children periodically.

Today each Health Animator is well respected in the community and are consulted for every health related issues, compared to being looked with suspicion 10 years ago… We have come a very long way due to their tireless work

Please support a Health Animator at INR 7000 (US$ 120) per month


Other Sponsorship options

  • Sponsor Health care for 200 people at INR 3600 (US $60) per month
  • Sponsor Health care for 1000 people at INR 18,000 (US $300) per month
  • Unreliable power supply and power fluctuations hamper our ability to use equipment in our health center and damage them. A solar power system of at least 5 KVA will help us use the equipment better and provide better service to the community. Cost INR 6,50,000 (US $10,000)